• Flawed Public Education System

    Earlier, the education system in United States was totally dependent on churches, family, or community. But now, it has been overtaken by the country's public education system.


    However, this system is in need of some serious repair today. The public education system of United States is highly decentralized, where majority of the funding of the schools come from local institutions and the government. Schools here have unequal distribution of educational resources. For example, some students did not have access to internet at their homes, yet they were required to carry out the research process that was given as a part of homework.


    Source: https://www.seekerstime.com/public-education-system-in-america-requires-serious-repair/


    The education system has been forever biased. The funds were pre allotted based on the preference of fund givers. The material that was taught in the classes was also biased. And the school locations and their fees were also biased. One of the biggest ironies here is that the school teachers were being accused of causing hindrance in the improvement of education system.


    The system is highly decentralized, which makes it extremely difficult to bring about the needed reforms. But we need to start from some place at least, and that can begin from the parents, teachers, universities and school boards. And until unless society doesn't change its minds, nothing good can be done about this flawed education system.